Director: Tony Glazer

Screenwriter: Tony Glazer

Genre: Thriller


Junction, our first feature, is a genre thriller starring Michael O’Keefe. David Zayas, Tom Pelphrey and Neal Bledsoe. Principal Photography took place in Ft. Lee, New Jersey under the direction of Tony Glazer. An amazing ensemble cast explored the effects of meth on 4 young people who break into a home to steal a TV for drug money and find out the owner may be worse than they are. A hostage situation ensues.



In 2014 Junction was one of the four feature film nominees for the prestigious 18th annual Prism Award alongside August Osage County and The Butler films starring Oprah, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.


The reviews are in and we’re a hit!!! “A quietly effective thriller with a few narrative tricks up its sleeve.”– Hollywood Reporter and “A cleverly constructed hostage thriller… Solid acting (there isn’t a weak performance in the bunch!)” – New York Times.Junction has been released on DVD on Amazon and Walmart. It is also streaming on iTunes, Hulu and Amazon Prime.



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This is their opportunity to reconcile with God and know His profound love and intended purpose in their lives.


Through 2014 it is estimated that 19 million Americans have had an NDE (Near Death Experience). The recent blockbuster Miracles From Heaven tells such a true story of Annabel Bean who recounts that she was told by Jesus while sitting on His lap after falling into a hollowed-out tree during her near death experience that it was not her time and that upon return to her family her mysterious physical condition would be cured. It was.

This short screened at selected Film Festivals

In The Mustard Seed, a woman, Kenna Mason, devastated by the loss of her husband, son and his family, struggles to heal and is unexpectedly shown a separate spiritual dimension by God, who reveals himself as The Man in the Hat. Together with Howard, a hipster angel who loves cake and a healer who happens to have Down Syndrome and only answers to Dr. Bacon Maddox she is tasked with helping those immersed in a near-death experience who find themselves delivered to her home determine their future, either to eternity or to return to earth to fulfill their purpose.

Written and directed by Gina Roché. Starring Pat Patterson, Derek Roché, Christian Keiber and introducing J.D. Feeback as “The Man In The Hat”.

The weekly guest, who is delivered by The Man in the Hat at the beginning of their own Near Death Experience will have an opportunity to examine their life, to review those decisions where they didn't love or could have loved more.


Director: John Howard Swain

Screenwriter: Tony Glazer

Story By: Rachael Seiden

Genre: Drama

Short Film

Sometimes while you are pursuing your dreams they come rushing at you. Such was the case with Pâté Productions’ first project, A Younger Man. It is a beautiful love story written by Rachael Seiden and adapted for the screen by Tony Glazer, and directed by John Howard Swain under the technical and visual expertise of Anthony Lenzo.

A Younger Man toured the film festival circuit garnering six festival awards. Since that time it has been taught in New York University’s undergraduate writer’s program, George Washington’s Masters in Psychology program and most recently we have been approached by Volunteer Services for the Hospice of Chesapeake, Maryland to use the 10-minute film as part of their outreach program. We have just signed a 2-year license agreement with Hospice to use this film as part of their training program. We are honored by the ability of our project to serve the community.

A Younger Man