Written by Pat Patterson

Based upon work of Andy Hand and Gina Jones Roché

Genre 1 Hour Episodic

Scripted Television

Here-After Here our latest project is a scripted television development is based on the short film The Mustard Seed, which was shot October 2016. This short was made to present the tone and characters of this weekly show. It presents a bit of the back story of Kenna and give an indication of the quality of the work of the creatives involved.

Hereafter Here explores a gateway between Eternity and Earth. A place where weekly guests find themselves at the beginning of a Near-Death Experience reviewing their life. A place where God, who reveals Himself as The Man in the Hat  think James Spader in The Blacklist) teaches fatherly lessons on love, kindness and forgiveness.
Each episode begins with the delivery of a guest by The Man in the Hat to Kenna Mason’s garden, the portal He created between here and the hereaafter. Each guest has had a traumatic event rendering them clinically dead, yet each experiences sounds and sights of a divine nature in Kenna’s garden.


He has chosen Kenna for a special assignment as a guide. It’s an impossible undertaking, but He is known for that as well as His collection of hats. He sends in His A-Team to assist her, Howard, an angel who finds the Earth confusing but does love the food and Dr. Bacon Maddox -a Down Syndrome youth with a heavenly heart. They create a decidedly misfit family tasked with helping these guests.
He also gives Kenna a gift of Memory Merge, wherein she can join in a person’s past as an observer allowing us to time travel back to their defining life events. This unique insight provides a rich tapestry to connect with a diverse audience seeking answers to the universal question of life after death.

Comparable TV shows; Touched By an Angel; God Friended Me; Drop Dead Diva.



Writer: TBD

Story by : Pat Patterson

Genre: 1/2 hour Comedy

Scripted Television: Suite 970

If you combine Oscar Madison and Felix Unger and put him through law school you have an introduction to Pablo, the attorney presiding over Suite 970. A suite that seems to have a flashing Neon Sign in the lobby, not unlike the Statute of Liberty  saying "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore."

Or in our case, your underemployed attorneys waiting for Happy Hour.

Stay tuned!

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