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The Mustard Seed

Written by Pat Patterson

Based upon work of Andy Hand and Gina Jones Roché

Genre 1 Hour Episodic

Scripted Television


Hereafter Here is an hour long episodic set in the idyllic garden of Dr. Greg Mason, a heart surgeon who succumbs to brain cancer leaving Kenna, his wife  of 38 years to mourn him as well as her son and his family, all lost to her in rapid succession. This is where her journey begins.
An accident occurs after leaving the morgue where she identified her son, his wife and her 3 month old grandchildren. While in surgery she has a near-death experience. An experience that devastates her as much as her familial  loss. She discovers the secrets she lived with,  the pain she caused, the torment she ignored all the while working as a psychiatric nurse, counseling others. A woman of faith who had none.
She returns to earth prepared to heal from her loss and do battle with herself to find forgiveness but before she can begin the process God, who reveals himself as a most dashing man in the most dashing hat sends her Howard, an angel and Bacon Maddox a Down Syndrome youth who is a healer to help her in the work he has in store for her.

This idyllic garden is a  parallel world, where those immersed in a near-death experience find themselves delivered  by The Man in the Hat

Here, Kenna and her helpers assist each visitor explore the truths of their life to determine their future passage into eternity or earth. A place they encounter the majesty and grace of God.  
However, it is not a job Kenna knew existed, would not have applied for and isn’t sure she wants. She’s afraid what other pain she caused, what other secrets she will discover  as she helps others relive their own stories.

We've all heard the stories of people who had Near Death Experiences(NDE). It is estimated that 23 million individuals worldwide who have experienced this phenomenon. It inspires the questions: What happens when you die? Where do you go? What do you see? Who meets you? Why do you return? Books are prolific describing people who had an out of body experience, watching the medical team below fight to bring them back to life; or who met the people of the light, relatives, or Jesus or God. What if we could explore these stories and similarities and allow our hearts to learn, to grow, to love better.


Writer: Ezio Massa

Directed By : Ezio Massa

Genre: Thriller



By the Hudson River, across from the NYC skyline on the Riverwalk, people come to walk, run and enjoy the view. On this particular morning, if you look closely, something is different. Two elegantly dressed men are standing face to face by the fence, neither moving, each extremely tense. Each has a gun in their pocket, pointing directly at the other and they are  handcuffed to the fence. How did this happen, why don’t they shoot each other? The mystery will unfold as pedestrians begin to notice and the situation gets out of control.

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