The Mustard Seed

What happens when you die?

The Mustard Seed will have it's premiere at Soho International Film Festival (June 15-22) Screening date to follow.

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In The Mustard Seed, a woman devastated by the loss of her husband, son and his family, struggles to heal and is unexpectedly shown a separate spiritual dimension. In this parallel world, those immersed in a near-death experience find themselves delivered to The Mustard Seed. Here, in her country home, each guest has the opportunity to encounter the majesty and grace of God, explore the truths of their life and determine their future passage into eternity. 

This short was made to present the characters who will populate The Mustard Seed as well as the tone of the scripted show. It is also meant to show a bit of the back story of Kenna and give an indication of the quality of the work of the creatives involved. Written and directed by Gina Roché. Starring Pat Patterson, Derek Roché, Christian Keiber and introducing J.D. Feeback as "The Man In The Hat".

The weekly guest will have an opportunity to examine a pivotal moment they missed planting their "mustard seed" of faith, giving way to fear, bitterness, doubt, etc. or where they turned to God planting that small mustard seed of faith that can move mountains. This is their opportunity to reconcile with God and know His profound love and intended purpose in their lives. This is also the defining moment where  

Through 2014 it is estimated that 19 million Americans have had an NDE. The recent blockcuster Miracles From Heaven tells such a true story of Annabel Bean who recounts that she was told by Jesus while sitting on His lap after falling into a hollowed-out tree during her near death experience that it was not her time and that upon return to her family her mysterious physical condition would be cured. It was.

Our scripted Teleivison development is like Touched By An Angel meets Quantum Leap.

We will be screening at a select few film festivals.


Play Ball

How do you serve God with ever diminishing skills?

On January 7, 2015 a Staged Reading of Play Ball took place in New York City. The amazing cast which included John Finn and Emmy Winner Anna Holbrook, directed by Gina Roché, brought the words to life and have set in motion the next stage of development. Written by the Kairos Award Winner, Romeo Ciolfi. This is a character driven piece about an unorthodox, sandal wearing Pastor who is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. As Pastor Thomas Warner's confidence in his ability to serve God begins to deteriorate, he's thrown a curve ball in the form of a rebellious 9 year old boy and his alcoholic mother in need of God's grace.

Pastor Thomas is a man dealing with the crushing reality of his diagnosis, and the impending repercussions on those around him. He will suffer many losses, the loss of his memory, his esteemed position in his beloved church and his ability to continue to advocate for those in need. Every identify factor will be stripped away slowly. Even in these darkest moments, he struggles to maintain hope and to find the light within those around him and serve God.

Principal Photography has not yet been set

A Younger Man
Behind the Scenes (1)
Duration - 1:06



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Behind The Scenes

A photo gallery that takes you behind the scenes of the short film A Younger Man and the feature film Junction. Take a look at the cast and crew hard at work, making these films a reality.